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Unlock Your True Potential

Everybody comes to this earthly world with a mission and a purpose. Many people spend a lifetime and die without uncovering what they really come to this world for.


Discover the key to unlocking your full potential with The Manifesting Hub. We teach you first to tap into your intuition quickly and easily, this is the foundation to manifesting from the heart. Then, our dedicated team helps individuals like you provide expert coaching and guidance with our unique approach designed to support you in uncovering your life's purpose, the life of your dreams, the life you are supposed to live and enjoy. Finally, through personal transformation you master your own human consciousness and understand how and when you support or sabotage your own manifestation process.

Our personal transformation approach consists of the following 3 fundamental major aspects:

1) Vision: Identifying a clear vision of your future life, your destiny, unfiltered by your limiting beliefs and guided by your heart's desire

2) Current Reality: Understand where you are right now in relation to your vision, including understanding how your consciousness is supporting you or hindering you

3) Guided Actions: Identify the natural and intuitive steps to take in order to achieve your life's vision

Welcome to The Manifesting Hub! We are dedicated to helping people manifest the life of their dreams and unlock their full potential. Our programs are designed to guide you towards abundance, letting go of past limiting beliefs, and finding joy in creating the life you're meant to live. We believe in living with intention every moment that matters by being fully guided by your intuition and heart. By working with us, you'll learn how to create a life of purpose and power, all while being fully in control of your own destiny.

These are the end-results you can expect from our teaching and coaching sevices

Living intuitively, fully guided and end results focused

Manifest and create the life aligned with your purpose and your true nature

Experience true joy and intrinsic happiness

Know who you truly are and uncover your purpose! Learn to love yourself again and love others and the world

Access inner wisdom on command to make better choices every day by living intuitively

Tap into universal guidance by developing and exploring your own consciousness

Ability to focus and re-focus when any limiting beliefs, unhelpful thoughts and feelings get in the way

These are the results that other people have experienced

Ivy, UK

Working with Nelson has been an absolute gamechanger! I'm feeling healthy, vibrant, energised. I've found my pre- pregnancy figure, I have created a lot of freedom in my life and have fun on a daily basis choosing to do things that are fun and aligned with who I am.  My relationships with family and my parents are in harmony because I am more aware of how I choose my end result! 
But it never used to be like that....
Before I started coaching with Nelson, I was exhausted, not myself, feeling stressed and hopeless.  Days seem to go by monotonously and I felt myself withering away.  As no one except for a mum.  As a new mum, I started feeling like I had lost myself, lost my identity, lost the thing that brought me joy: my freedom.  I didn't know how to focus on anything else except for my baby girl.  And it was getting unhealthy for me.  I was only sleeping 4 hours a day, having bad back problems and I had gone up 4 sizes.  I was arguing with my husband a lot, and also my parents.  I didn't feel free because I was trying so hard to stick to routines that would supposedly help my daughter to thrive.  I also felt like I was on the job 24/7.  I was absolutely lost, run down and exhausted. 
With Nelsons help, I have now lost the weight that I've gained, I have put my daughter into Nursery 3 days a week so that I can focus on filling up my cup.  Which has ended up being so much more powerful as I get to be a thriving amazing role model for my daughter.  This time has given me space to redesign my identity, come back into my power and that has been a benefit to the whole family.  My husband and I get up early in the morning to do meditation together and Taichi to start our mornings and this has been such a nice bonding time for our relationship.  I am choosing to understand my parents and have healed my relationships with them.  I've also let go of some traumatic experiences that has stopped me from living fully.  I've even manifested things like travelling on business class, getting free upgrades to accommodation and really enjoying the comforts and luxury that travelling can offer.  All because I am clear on my focus!
Nelson uses a very unique way to coach his clients.  INTUITION.  He guides you into intuition to help you figure out what your soul wants to achieve rather than your ego.  He helps you develop your own intuition to choose the best way to move forward and in the process supports you through this process by providing his intuitive thoughts on the matter through connecting with me.  He has been an amazing sounding board to fine tune the choices I make and has helped with overcoming some of the limiting beliefs and triggers that I have had trouble getting over with compassion by helping me to understand the meaning and identity that I may have placed on certain words/situations and also how I've associated myself with it.  His bag of tools to help me with my varied hurdles are endless!
Overall I highly recommend Nelson as a coach, he has been compassionate, supportive, encouraging and holds me accountable for my actions.  His intuition is a gift to really help me confirm and align my own truth and he is an inspiration, using the work he already knows to support himself in living in his true authentic self and manifesting his end results.

Packaged Services

Our Personal Transformation coaching services are designed to help you overcome any obstacles standing between you and your dream life. We offer three different packages to choose from, each tailored to meet your unique needs and budget. Our expert coaches will guide you every step of the way, helping you align your thoughts and actions with your deepest desires and manifest the life you deserve.

12 Month Programme


12 month teaching and coaching transformation programme. This is the minimum to develop a deep sense of who you are and start manifesting effectively through 2 creation cycles

24 Months Programme


24 months teaching and coaching programme. This is the ideal length to really develop a good relationship with your own consciousness and experience manifestation through 4 creation cycles

36 Months Programme


36 months teaching and coaching programme. This is the ideal length to master your own consciousness and experience powerful manifestation through 6 creation cycles

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